I’ve just read an awesome article by ThoughtWorks on building personal technology radar, and decided to sketch out my own list.

In 2014 I had to learn more new things then I did during the previous 9 years of my web development career. Here is the list of keywords that mark a passing year for me and a few expectations for the next year.

##Q1 2014 Typography, usability and design in general.

##Q2 2014

Rethinking frontend development:

##Q3 2014

Began learning TYPO3 Neos and all that follows:

  • Flow
  • Neos
  • TypoScript2
  • Eel, FlowQuery, Fizzle

##Q4 2014

Joined the Neos team for code sprint in Denmark. Learned more in a week then during the whole previous year.

  • Switched to Linux and started developing locally
  • New PHP skills: Test Driven Development, coding guidelines, etc.
  • Advanced Git stuff
  • Composer
  • Bower
  • Grunt
  • Docker for local development (ditched Vagrant altogether)
  • Surf deployment
  • Contineos delivery with CircleCI
  • Finally… Learned to touch-type in English!


And here are things I want to learn in 2015:

But all of this technology matter only when you put users first, and build websites worth reading. I hope all of this technology put together will help us build great websites for great people, that’s what we work so hard for, after all…