Yep, that's me

Who am I

Hello, world! My name is Dmitri, and I am working at an awesome non-profit Christian organisation in Moscow, Russia. I am proud of being at this place, but working in a non-profit sector does not really pay the bills, so I am starting to do a tiny bit of freelancing. Yay!

I have approximately 20 hours per month of my time to help you solve your problems. As this time is very limited, I have to really focus on areas where I can be most useful, so here are the things I can do for you.

What I Can Help You With

I have been doing web development professionally since 2006, and for the last two years my primary area of interest has been focused on Neos CMS development. We have built a lot of projects with it, from tiny to huge, so by now I have acquired quite some experience in this area. Besides making websites with Neos, I got involved with Neos core feature development, and that’s the kid of job I would take with most excitement!

General Core Feature Development for Neos CMS

I have been participating in the development of Neos CMS ever since I started using it, and joined the core team in September 2015, so if your project requires something that Neos does not yet have, I will gladly help you to implement this feature, and if it aligns with product vision of Neos merge it into the core. I am offering a discount for Neos core feature development, as that is the kind of work I am most interested in.

Neos CMS Training and Consulting

Sharing knowledge would be the thing I like to do the most, so I can help your developers get started with Neos from ground level and help them advance quickly, avoiding typical mistakes. I have successfully launched projects of various scale with Neos, so I have something to share in this regard.

I can help your agency set up proper integration and deployment pipelines, move development and production environments to Docker and modernise the whole technology stack.

Neos CMS Website Integration and Plugin Development

If nothing above is interesting for you, I can just build things for you with Neos: website integrations, plugins and so on.

JavaScript Development (Vanilla, React, Redux…)

I have experience participating in a couple of React/Redux JS app development projects, and can both consult and develop in this area. I am acutely aware, that there is a JavaScript world outside jQuery plugins and popular frameworks ;-)

CSS Architecture Consulting and Development

If you think that CSS is not really code and it does not need as much attention, but eventually end up with an unmaintainable spaghetti, there is a wonderful world of modern CSS architecture waiting for you to discover: I can audit your code and help you bring it to standard with modern architectural patterns (BEM, OOCSS, Atomic design, functional CSS and what not), or help you get started the right way.


  1. Taking on huge projects as a developer, that would require a full-time effort. I have my day-time job.
  2. Do low-quality work for cheap. Life is too short.

Let’s do it

Drop me a line and let’s see what we can do together.

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