I’ve maderss a switch to linux in flavour of Elementary OS. My web development setup is super simple: Chromium + Sublime Text 3 + partition mounted from our dev server over SSHFS.

This post is more of a note to self on how to mount remote partitions.

1. Logging onto remote server via ssh keys

We will need to be able to login to remote server via ssh keys and not by password.

#generate keys
ssh-keygen # and hit enter at all prompts
#copy keys to remote server
#try logging in

If you wasn’t prompted for password and made a login successfully you are done with this.

2. Permanently mount remote partiation in fstab

#edit your fstab file
sudo vi /etc/fstab

And add this line to the end of fstab file:

sshfs#USERNAME@SERVERADDRRESS:/path /media/your_mount    fuse      user,_netdev,reconnect,uid=1000,gid=1000,follow_symlinks,identityfile=/home/USERNAME/.ssh/id_rsa,idmap=user,allow_other  0   0
#Install sshfs, if not already installed
sudo apt-get install sshfs
#make dir for mount point
sudo mkdir /media/your_mount
#Mount all partitions according to fstab file
sudo mount -a

As a result you get your remote file system mounted under /media/your_mount.