Day 1

1. Forgot to include TypoScript

I assumed that TYPO3 Neos includes TypoScript automatically for every node type.
Of course when I tried to access some property from template, which I thought I had defined, I got the following error:

No "page/body/content/main/default/element/itemRenderer/default/element/column0" TypoScript object found. Please make sure to define one in your TypoScript configuration. (20140723102105f65989)

TODO: lookup what this does:


It was my fault, but still I wish the docs would mention it somehow.

Time wasted: 2 hours.

The solution: include the relevant typoscript file from your root typoscript file!

include: NodeTypes/YourElement.ts2

2. Property names must not contain dashes!

Here’s my second hiccup: when trying to implement Foundation Grid, I names one of the properties large-offset. Of course it didn’t work.

Time wasted: 15 min.

Solution: use lowerCamelCase when naming NodeType properties.

Day 2

3. Flush caches in Production

After switching to production context, Neos wasn’t able to find my custom Node Types. I smelled cache issues so I was able to quicly google this up:

FLOW_CONTEXT=Production ./flow flow:cache:flush --force

Time wasted: 15 min.

4. Stuck in edit preview mode

Solution: Add print < page in your root.ts2

Time wasted: 10 min.

Day 3

5. Access properties of a node from template

I’ve assigned a some node as a category, and tried to display it in fluid template like this: <neos:link.node node="{category}">{category.title}</neos:link.node>. Didn’t work!

Solution: Use {} instead: <neos:link.node node="{category}">{}</neos:link.node>

Time wasted: 10 min.

A few weeks later

I’ve been busy migrating content for a while, and all went well so far.

Once in a while I needed to clear all site data and start all over again. Here’s how to do it:

Run the following SQL to kill all of your media resources:

truncate typo3_flow_resource_resource;
truncate typo3_flow_resource_resourcepointer;
truncate typo3_media_domain_model_asset;
truncate typo3_media_domain_model_image;

Notice that you have to disable key checks before truncating, otherwise it won’t work.

Delete files itself: rm -f Data/Persistent/Resources/* and rm -f Web/_Resources/Persistent/*

./flow site:prune --confirmation TRUE – clean website data and import your site data after: ./flow site:import --yoursitehere